Elite PPEC is the Best Children’s Health Care Center in Hollywood, FL

Elite PPEC is a child medical daycare in Hollywood, FL that is devoted to the care of infants and children up to 20 years of age with intricate medical needs. Our child medical daycare center in Hollywood, FL is optimally designed to assist in the development of independence, helping each child grow into their full potential.
The experts at our children health care center in Hollywood, FL have wide-ranging knowledge of the best treatments such as children’s urgent care, pediatric feeding therapy, and respiratory therapy. When you and your child’s doctor decide that day care and child care centers are the right choice, Elite PPEC is here with the precise nursing and therapeutic benefits your child needs, including feeding therapy and child respiratory therapy in Hollywood, FL.

Elite PPEC Provides Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care in Hollywood, FL

At Elite PPEC we understand how overwhelming it can be to choose the right pediatric medical daycare in Hollywood, FL. We also know how important it is to a family when they discover the perfect fit for prescribed pediatric extended care in Hollywood, FL.

We recognize that the PPEC daycare needs are unique to each medically fragile and medically complex infant and child. This requires providing a unique style of PPEC services at the right pediatric day care.

Elite PPEC Hollywood, FL will address the needs of your family from all aspects. We are experienced and trained in providing the best pediatric therapy services and the highest quality care. Our prescribed pediatric extended care center will ensure your child receives the best care and encouragement while in our care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PPEC stand for?

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care provides children discharged from a hospital with the support necessary to meet their medical needs and help them become more independent.

What is an OT?

Occupational Therapy focuses on patients recovering from a wide range of physical, mental, developmental, and emotional illnesses or injury which impacts the ability to perform daily activities.

What's respiratory therapy?

Respiratory Therapy is a dedicated health care field focusing on pulmonary medicine providing therapy to people suffering from pulmonary disease.

What is feeding therapy for babies?

Feeding therapy provided by trained occupational or speech therapists helps teach babies how to eat properly.

What causes feeding problems in babies?

Some possible causes for feeding problems include prematurity, low birth weight, certain traumatic birth injuries, like cerebral palsy, and structural abnormalities, like cleft lip or cleft palate.

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